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The consumer pays a lot of attention on their pre purchase research process because it’s the perfect way for them to get excellent options, weed out poor options and avoid paying for crappy services. Throughout this phase, the consumer is interested in the type of experience other people have had when using a given product/service, as well as the type of products the consumer have had utmost fun. In the days before the Internet came, the consumer report magazine fulfilled a lot of the needs (for information and insights into products and service providers) the consumers had.

Today, we have a lot of services and products that can be purchased exclusively on the net. Internet marketing companies, including e-commerce giants like Amazon have invested heavily in helping consumers see a lot of information they can rely on for decision making. However, there are still a number of e-commerce companies that don’t provide the essential pre purchase information to their customers like the ones linking students with professional essay writers.

Students vs. essay writing companies

Essay writing companies have been helping students shop for essays in a better manner than their traditional counterparts. They allow them to hire any essay writer situated across the world- handling everything from ordering, hiring, payment, quality assurance, etc. But these companies do not provide the consumers/students with the information they might need before hiring them. Whether they are doing this to save themselves or to protect the consumers’ privacy, it is important for the student to take it a notch higher by researching about the companies is a good place to begin.

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Why we review essay writing companies

The major reason why reviews custom essay writing companies is to help protect students from a number of rogue and dishonest essay writing companies using information. We ensure that the students have access to other users experiences, deeper insights into the companies they want to hire as well as snippets from student discussions. Armed with this information, the students will be in a better position to hire a competent essay writing company.

How we do it

This website constantly received feedback describing real customer experience with various essay writing companies. We study the comments and ratings to come up with a list of top service providers students can trust. We also send experts to see what various essay writing companies offer using their insights to gauge the suitability of each company. We also a have a section for the raw discussion comments students/real customers leave against every company.